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Premier Hospitality Sales represents a diverse range of manufacturer's products and solutions for the away-from-home industries which include the hospitality, food service, lodging, educational, industrial, healthcare, cruise and theme park industries. The manufacturers we represent are committed to product innovation, design and technology that reduces operational costs and improves efficiencies.  With more than 85 years of combined experience serving the B2B industry, our team is dedicated to exceeding the needs of our clients in an ever-changing market place. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure they receive the expertise and product support needed to surpass their business goals.  


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Washroom and Wiper Solutions

A leading manufacturer and marketer of towel, tissue and non-woven disposable wiping cloths. They pride themselves on their broad product line, high quality of standards and fully customizable production capabilities. They are able to merge quality with quantity, showcasing more than 700 items packaged in a wide variety of intelligent wiping solutions. Thus, allowing  customers to choose from one of the most diverse product lines in the away-from-home industry.  Count on them to have an intelligent wiping solution to meet nearly any need.

Manual Cleaning Equipment

A global leader of commercial microfiber and highly engineered manual cleaning equipment for professional use. With advanced technologies that significantly reduce labor costs by increasing productivity, improved safety and improves the effectiveness in capturing, holding and removing debris from the facility. Products are manufactured with a unique co-polymer plastic making equipment highly durable, flexible and more resilience with no metal parts to rust or break. An enviromentally preferred alternative to metal that is completely recyclable.

Professional Floor Machines

The industry's leading US manufacturer of industrial and commercial floor maintenance equipment from auto-scrubbers, battery burnishers to carpet extractors. They have built a tradition, for more than a century, of designing durable and serviceable equipment with undeniable quality, value and reliability that simply stays on the job longer and out of the landfill. They serve more than 400 distributors and service centers in more than 60 countries worldwide. 

Commercial Air-Care

Commercial fragrance systems that offer a safe, discreet and effective solution for long lasting odor control in small to large areas. Enhancing the environmental experience by providing modern dispensing technology, delivering naturally beautiful fragrances for everyone. Unmatched odor control without dangerous and messy mists, sprays or liquids using only 100% natural essestial oils. We are passionate about providing the highest quality natural fragrances made from the purest essential and fragrance oils that are eco happy and healthy. Our fragrance refills are proudly made in the USA and we are trusted by businesses around the world.  

Commercial Vacuums & Sweepers

Manufacturer of quality professional grade vacuums from uprights, wide area, high efficiency portable, back packs to battery powered sweepers and wet/dry models. They use technological features that include laser balancing to ensure years of worry-free use with models that have earned the CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) GOLD approval.  Additionally, they offer a complete line of repair parts, filters, belts, bags, tools and attachments for all their models. 

Guest Room Amenities

A family owned and operated company that manufactures a wide selection of high quality personal care room amenities, necessities and accessories that appeal to a diverse range of demographic groups. For over 20 years, they have provided advanced and premium skincare and cosmetic brands to many private hotels in 72+ global markets and over 60,000 salons, spas and retail stores in the USA. Let us create a customized private label line that reflects your brand and exceeds your customers expectations.

Custom Matting Solutions

Make a bold statement with high quality custom logo mats in a wide variety of colors and textures in any size and shape. Our goal is to provide building owners and managers with custom matting solutions that deliver the highest level of safety while protecting their hard surfaces from the harsh effects of sand, dirt and water.  According to LEED, the authority on sustainability, the best way to stop dirt and debris from entering a building is with a strong matting system.  Contact us today to learn how we can make your entrance grand!

Feminine Hygiene Disposal

MaskIT is a practical and simple solution for safely disposing of feminine hyigene items. MaskIT pouches reduce the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens, prevents plumbing issues and reduces bathroom tissue consumption. This product provides a more sanitary environment for guests, customers and employees alike.  MaskIT pouches are made from biofilm that is certified compostable and renewable resource.

Professional Hygiene Systems

A global manufacture and proven leader of professional cleaning and hygiene dispensing systems for nearly a half century.  With a worldwide presence and the broadest portfolio of products for the away-from-home market.  From washroom paper towel dispensers, tissue dispensers, hand care dispensers, hand dryers to waste recepticals. They are the best choice for customers looking for quality, value and sleek temporary designs that integrate well with any washroom decor.

 Can Liner and Specialty Bags

Based in Houston, Texas and in business more than 30 years making blown film products for the retail and commerical industries. We have 35 of the newest technology extruders ensuring the highest quality products. Trust us for all your can liners, poly bags, t-saks, straws, stretch film and much more! 

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