Premier Hospitality Sales is a professional outsourced sales and marketing agency serving manufacturers' in the commercial cleaning, industrial and institutional market segments throughout the Southeastern region. Our salesforces has more than 80 years of combined experience representing a variety of manufacturers' in the commercial cleaning, facility maintenance, disposable paper, packaging and hospitality industries. Thus, developing an extensive network of clients in the region of B2B and end user buyers.  


We secure market share and competitive advantage by combining our industry expertise, analytical rigor and best practices. Depend on us to devise breakthrough growth stategies and accelerate sales and marketing efforts to deliver solid growth. Whether your objective is to build a competitive edge in an existing market, or establish a solid foothold in new market verticals, count on us to come up with innovative ideas and drive tangible market results.


At Premier Hospitality Sales, we will exceed your expectations by providing a risk free strategy with effective R.O.I in the current competitive market.  Our endless dedication to achieving strong sales growth and brand loyalty, is what sets us apart. We recognize that sales and marketing is one of the key components in every business that generates revenue and keeps the business growing.  Therefore, we strive to be the very best and make ourselves invaluable in this specialized field. 


                Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals. 

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